Red Alert – MP14

This weekend I got myself another KO, MP14 – Red Alert. It had all joints tight but still needed a bit of work. Added a bit of nail polish to the gun handle and the head short circuit, needed to shave a bit of the helmet for proper lock, tighten the last bit of the knee bend and shave the peg for the chest to lock. After that it was in great condition. I ventured a bit into adding a stripe of black detail to the gun.

DSC05060-699EC81B-ANIMATION DSC04994 DSC04995 DSC04996 DSC05000 DSC05003 DSC05007 DSC05010 DSC05008 DSC05013 DSC05015 DSC05014 DSC05074 DSC05078 DSC05080 DSC05079 DSC05081 DSC05083DSC05086 DSC05090 DSC05088 DSC05094 DSC05091 DSC05096 DSC05105 DSC05101 DSC05106