No more updates here

I won’t be making more posts on this blog. I created a better website to showcase my Transformers collection and I’ll be making the galleries there. The website is and my information is on my Lostlight profile The website is available for anybody to sign up and also manage your toy collection there. … 


Shapeways shorter missiles for Generation Seeker Thundercracker


I got a set Shapeways Missles for the Generation seekers by Automaster It is known that the missiles that come hinder poseability and keep knocking the wings away. The replacements are on point, they peg perfectly and look quite proportional allowing for full range of motion of the arm. I added a bit of acrylic … 


Hardheads – Old and new


Hardhead was either my second or third Transformer ever. My uncle and his family went to Miami and my dad asked him to bring a toy for me. He brought Hardhead for me and Chromedome for my cousin. You can see the damage it suffered, I don’t recall what happened to Duros’ face but I … 


Wei Jiang M01 commander – Evasion Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime evasion alt mode Optimus Prime playing the ax guitar


When Rook ran into Blades at the museum 


At the Transportation museum in Lucerne


Windblade and Iron factory Windsaber + Reprolabels


Let’s start with Windblade’s big problem. The balance is terrible because the bad geometry of the heels: I found some heels replacement on Shapeways that worked pretty well: This is what you get raw in your baggie. Like most Shapeways items, it requires a little assembly: To install you have to remove the original heel … 


Maketoys Utopia – Not Metroplex with Reprolabels


This guy is a lot of work to transform! Each time I went through I realized what I did wrong the last time. These pictures are for my first transformation attempts so there are a number of incorrect bits here and there. I’m sure I’ll have more pics of him in the future. The reprolabels … 


Combiner wars Rook – Reprolabels!


I got Rook for my birthday this year and he’s been coming with me to many trips. It was time to get him pimped so he looks better for future pictures! Before reprolabels After reprolabels I decided not to use the front light stickers. I like how the yellow looks on the front.


Are all dead – Legends size


Recreating the iconic cover.


Wheeljack + Reprolabels – MP20


I had these stickers sitting for a while until I finally got around applying them. I had to look at few videos and pictures to figure where to put many of the extra stickers. I went for the Alitalia ones except the back spoiler where I peeled the Alitalla one. Additionally, Wheeljack has Nonnef’s Glowing …