Hardheads – Old and new


Hardhead was either my second or third Transformer ever. My uncle and his family went to Miami and my dad asked him to bring a toy for me. He brought Hardhead for me and Chromedome for my cousin. You can see the damage it suffered, I don’t recall what happened to Duros’ face but I … 


Combiner wars Rook – Reprolabels!


I got Rook for my birthday this year and he’s been coming with me to many trips. It was time to get him pimped so he looks better for future pictures! Before reprolabels After reprolabels I decided not to use the front light stickers. I like how the yellow looks on the front.


Wheeljack + Reprolabels – MP20


I had these stickers sitting for a while until I finally got around applying them. I had to look at few videos and pictures to figure where to put many of the extra stickers. I went for the Alitalia ones except the back spoiler where I peeled the Alitalla one. Additionally, Wheeljack has Nonnef’s Glowing … 


Red Alert – MP14


This weekend I got myself another KO, MP14 – Red Alert. It had all joints tight but still needed a bit of work. Added a bit of nail polish to the gun handle and the head short circuit, needed to shave a bit of the helmet for proper lock, tighten the last bit of the …